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Frequently Asked Questions for Parents about Music Lessons for children and adults

Q: How old should a student be before they start music lessons?
A: That depends on the instrument that the student is interested in starting.  Some instruments are easier to get a good quality sound at the very early stages, and some instruments are larger and require that the student be older/bigger before they start the instrument.  The best instruments for young beginners are piano, voice, and violin. Adult students are welcome too. We have a number of adults who are brand new beginners as well as adults returning to music study after many years.

Q: Do you offer lessons in the student's home or only at your school?
A: The lessons we offer are only in our studios at our school.  We have found that the students take the lessons more seriously when the travel to an outside location for their lessons.  Also, at home, there are too many distractions that can inhibit a student's learning.

Q: What type of experience do your teachers have?
A: At Southwest Conservatory of Music we believe in offering the highest quality education for our students.  As such, our teachers are all experienced and university trained, several with graduate degrees.  In addition to their experience as educators, our teachers are also active performers, something that keeps their skills fresh. 

Q: Do you offer recitals and evaluations?
A: We schedule two annual recitals each year and students are encouraged to participate in these performances when they are ready, as it enhances their education.   Many of the students also participate in the MTAC CM evaluation, Royal Conservatory Music Development Program Assessments, as well as other exams and competitions when they are ready to do so, such as the National Guild auditions, Musical Arts Club Competition, etc.  Participation in these events is discussed with the parents and the students in order to provide the best learning opportunity for the student.

Q: Are students required to participate in the performance events?

A: No, students are not required to participate, but they are encouraged to do so if they are ready.

Q: What type of payment plans do you offer?

A: We have a variety of payment plans, designed to be flexible to meet the needs of the families.  Students may pay for lessons monthly, quarterly or annually. 

Q: When can I register students for lessons?

A: We have an open enrollment for lessons, meaning that students may start or stop lessons at any time during the year.  Students who plan to maintain their lessons regularly throughout the year register for the fall schedule during the months of June and July, and receive priority scheduling before new students are scheduled.  Students register for lesson times every year in order to accommodate changing schedules at school and with other activities.