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Tuition and Fees

Call the studio for more detailed information regarding tuition fees.   

The tuition for private lesson students is based on a weekly rate which is multiplied by the number of lessons scheduled per year. 

The tuition for group classes is based on a weekly rate multiplied by the number of lessons scheduled per session (usually either in 16 week sessions or 20 week sessions).  Some of the short term introductory classes have a one time flat tuition rate.

Tuition fees are paid on either a monthly/installment basis or a quarterly basis.  For private lesson students who enroll after the first lesson of the school year, the tuition rates are prorated to reflect the total number of lessons scheduled from the first scheduled lesson.  The flat monthly installments for private lesson students are based on a total of 44 lessons scheduled throughout the school year.  This annual rate is then divided into 12 equal payments.  In some cases, when the figures do not divide equally into 12 payments, the first payment may be slightly higher or lower.

Group Classes may be paid in full for the full session, or may be paid in installments.